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5 April, 2001

Update Marzo

Seville, 16 March 2001

This page is not very good.
I'm living in Seville, Spain. I've been here since the day before Christmas. I came here on a bit of a whim, after having talked to folks a bit and having compared Barcelona and Seville just superficially.

As is my habit, I have not left the area within a rather small radius of the center. Everything in its time. I want to see more of Spain, but I'm comfortable with my way of doing things. Indeed, I've met many people who have been in the midst of a whirlwind tour of the country (or, even, of Europe in total,) and while they seem to be having a good time, they have consistently understood the benefit of slowing down. This encourages me that I'm doing okay; everything in its time.

I'm living in an apartment that I found about three weeks after I arrived in town. I was just ready to leave. I went by my favorite establishment, Cafe Levies, to say goodbye to the people who work there. While there, with my backpack and two hours from the departure of a bus to Ronda, I met a guy who works for a sort of a low-budget slipshod rental agency called Roommates Seville. I went to visit, and encountered Juan, who spoke English. For the price of the fact that not everything was always up to scratch, I got to get in without the paperwork that I'd encountered elsewhere.

I met an Australian guy at the apartment they showed me, and decided to move in. P_, who turned 19 while he was here, stayed for a month, studying Spanish. Great fellow. We had a lot of fun together.

While he was here, a French woman M_ moved in. How the two survived amicably is a mystery to me now. P_ was a bit, uh, casual. M_, sweet and sour on alternate encounters, likes things a bit more tidy. But anyhow they never killed each other nor even fought. Funny.

I got a job, working at Mex Rock, a Mexican restaurant on Calle Betis, a very busy street just across Rio Guadalquivir from the center of town.

I lived in Seville between December of 2000 and June of 2001, when I flew to Dublin.