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Position of weakness

Nijmegen, The Netherlands, August 2004

Last night Kim was over. She'd called invited me over to Renee's. I said no. I regretted that.

Kim came over here to sleep. She didn't touch me, all night. Once, I said I was uncomfortable with her in bed with me, not touching me. She touched me briefly, rolled back to sleep.

Once, she was talking in her sleep. I asked "what?" She said "I'm not going to change."

This morning, she told me that she'd promised Renee that she wouldn't have sex with me.

I've let this go too far. I've been too easy for Kim.

Talk about a position of weakness. Wow.

Arend wants me to have a vacation from work. Two weeks, with one week paid. That's 70 euros for two weeks, rent being 42 euros per week.