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March 21

Mex Rock, Seville

Not the worst

Arguing with the boss, this time at a restaurant in Spain

Seville, Spain—

I lived in Spain from December 2000, when I made an arbitrary decision in Amsterdam, until June of 2001 when I moved to Ireland.

I argued again with Mauricio today. I don't know why I do this. I do know that I keep too much inside, and then when I speak it's too strong. Too general.

"I don't want to argue but I have to say I really disagree with the way you treat people." He said I would have 15 more days* He's tired of it.

—18 March 2001, Seville

__ ___ __

[Mauricio calmed down and ultimately didn't enforce the 15-day limit. But I didn't last anyway, and by the 5th of April I had been replaced after hurting my back.]


• I think "fifteen days" is a common way of thinking in Spain (although Mauricio was Mexican.) A coworker, a fellow cook, a woman from Madrid, kept saying to me that I would be able to speak Spanish well "dentro de quince dias;) within fifteen days. She told me, after a while, that that's just an expression.

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