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1 August 2007

I got a text from the landlord, this morning, telling me that we need to make arrangements — a reference to his earlier proclamation that I'd have to leave by the end of this month (a proclamation I'd ignored; dismissed as bluff and bluster.)

I was at the dentist this morning. She replaced an old filling, and performed some other work.

I complimented her — "you're doing a good job." She kind of perked her head when I said that. I wasn't being flirty — only honest about how I felt; and besides that, I think it's a good idea to keep your dentist happy.


I called T_ . She wanted me to start calling people about apartments. I'd already picked up the newspaper for her. I told her I wanted her to be here, when I start calling people on her behalf in the search for an apartment.

She's coming over now.


22:29 —

Americans bought more imported than domestic autos for the first time ever, during the month of July.


I'm trying to help T_ find an apartment. She's a black woman with an infant daughter — so she has difficulty finding anyplace where she can, first of all, find acceptance.