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Irish pubs' hours

Tá mé ar meisce

Irish pubs, Japanese football time

Three big drinking days on the modern Irish calendar

There are three days in the Irish year on which it's traditional to have a convivial drink.

St. Patrick's Day, March 17

The towns and cities will have a parade early in the day. This is the celebration for the patriotic-, historic- and religious-minded; for the kids, and for those who don't mind large crowds whilst sober.

In the evening, people drink. It's pretty straightforward. It's a mess.

March 17th is also the beginning of fishing season. It can be a good evening riverside with a fire.

Good Friday

The sale of alcohol is prohibited on Good Friday. People grumble and moan — "what's good about it?" But others like it this way and enjoy the adaptations. It's normal to celebrate the day amongst friends at somebody's house. Some say they would miss the alcohol ban if it were lifted.

Saint Stephen's Day

The day after Christmas and all that it entails, December 26th is a time to drink with friends in the pub.