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Kilkenny, Ireland, Autumn 2001 —

Dennis, the head chef, was telling his underlings Gillian and Luke about a movie.* He was trying to describe it, and trying to remember its name.

I was just washing pots and pans, and didn't have to pay attention.

I wasn't talking much to Dennis, because Dennis doesn't listen. And, he'd just fired a friend of mine. Normal kitchen business. No sense in discussion.

He was going on and on, trying to remember the name of this movie, and describing it. I recognized which film he was talking about.

He tried this and tried that — with his captive audience. Finally, I said "It's 'A Nightmare Before Christmas.'"

Luke heard me. But Dennis went on trying out names. Luke thought it was funny, and I did too. We'd agreed earlier that Dennis doesn't listen.

My next job

A farce in one act...

I think Dennis saw Luke smiling, because he asked: "What, are you taking the piss?"

When nobody spoke, Dennis was quiet for a nice couple of minutes.

At work the next evening, he remembered the name of the movie, and told the youngsters.

  — Autumn 2001, Kilkenny Ireland.


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* "A movie," in local parlance, is known as "a film."

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