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Damned if and when

When Dad was in hospice, I incurred a spontaneous nerve-compression injury in my neck.

Betimes I felt my forearm pivot in the middle, an impossibility. I was down for most of every day, passed out or waiting to be able to get up.

Dr. Bell said "it sounds like a pain issue," about 2 1/2 years in.

I had been experiencing it as extreme limitation. I could only be up for brief interludes. Most of my time was down, taking weight off my neck. Even that part took a while to learn - that there was no pushing it; I was going to have to lie down for any time I spent up.

The pain was delayed and cumulative. When busy, I'd soon be drawn to a horizontal position. The pain would become prominent - not acute as much as definitive. It wouldn't last long; I'd pass out.

My brothers didn't believe it. They shouted every time I talked about it, so I stopped talking about it.

In September 2021 the surgical institute presented me with a few short-notice options for surgery. I picked the soonest one. In efforts to find a driver, I asked Doug and he helped me. I don't know if he believes that it was real.