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A few windows

April 2018 notes

Infinite Space I did some construction window-cleaning in Ireland in the boom time and I saw some gross negligence in architecture. Not a lot, but some windows that could not be cleaned and would not ever again



She is a vindictive and generally negative person and her bad intentions are clear.

Deanna's going to hate me, and it will be good for the family. They might not recognize this at first, all of them, but to them I say, in advance, you're welcome.


You know that song by reo speedwagon called riding the storm out about riding the storm out? yeah...? That's what I'm doing. Riding the storm out? yeah.

- hell is for horses

- a chemically-diverse planet in a habitable zone; the odds of advanced civilization may be just getting good.


John Fisher said that he thought our family was loaded. The neighborhood did.


"That looks good" is a moment of social discomfort. Does it mean "I want some," or does it just mean we're going to talk about my food, which I don't want to do.


"My father was attached, not attainted, Condemn'd to die for treason, but no traitor; And that I'll prove on better men than Somerset"