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February 2019 notes

Cohen testifies Nobody wrote about Jesus while he was supposedly alive. Of those who wrote later, Josephus (born AD 37) is the most credible. His "Testimonium Flavianum," a paragraph with a name, was at least partially-forged.

I am not a soul. I am a human being. Churches act like I'm a piece of meat for their anti-sexual appetite, and I think they've had enough.

Pompeo announces end of nuclear-arms treaty with Russia

Time flies like a prat-fall stumble forward as everything comes apart

I'm just now ready to get my things from storage, where they've been since the end of 2016. Well, not today; but these weeks.

I've been crippled since June
everything goes slowly now. I don't want to speed up the pace too much, really, other than getting off the floor. (I'm alergic to Kitty in the main house and my bed's in yon storage.)

a world without sarcasm

Julius Caesar "put aside" the crown three times in false humility. Richard the Third does this once, barely faking it. Saturninus berates Titus for stealing the hearts of the people by merely declining to rule, even though this confers the crown upon Saturninus himself.

I had fake weed in Ireland before it was banned. Experience varied, but once I got into an argument where I could remember five seconds ago but not two.

Vision was for lunatics and fags and so they just wasted all of their hard work and everything they got for free. If the women said anything, aparently nobody listened.

My great-great-great grandparents on Mom's side arrived on the Oregon Trail in 1852, the year Oregon acceded to the United States.

In 1915 great-granddad Virgil claimed a homestead in the coastal hills, and that year also [Mary] gave birth to my grandfather Emil.

Trump will know when he's been outplayed. That's the good news.

I quit drinking in September and by November I had a lego model.

first they ignore you then they type "lol" then they call you moron then you win

  How do you satirize farce?

In Oregon, you can be a dude and carry a flower pot and not look like a criminal