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June 2018 notes

June 2018, rest in peace Dad "Ideas without precedent are generally looked upon with disfavour and men are shocked if their conceptions of an orderly world are challenged."
  - J Harlen Bretz

I don't understand why people think I want to talk about my food before I go eat it. My food is a sinkhole, a gripping swirling whirlpool and everybody's going to fall into it face-first. "Oh, that looks good." Go away. Jesus.

It were impossible I should speed amiss.
Would that we still used "were" that way.

The strongest feeling I get from my recent re-exposure to the childhood religion is that feelings are to be considered unimportant, or subservient at best. I believe that the experience of being alive is all that I will ever have.

It's an abbreviation for "for fuck's sake."

"For for fuck's sake?"

"Yeah, fa fa fa fuck's sake, let's go."

Everybody takes the woman's side but the man gets to tell the story.

absolution-seeking behavior, that if they can offer their condolences then they'll be done

Last winter I was living in a trailer over at Jeff's old place and doing construction window-cleaning when I got an idea for the design that had come into my head: build it out of scrap on the family property, in that one little section that nobody ever thinks about. dad never thought about it, and it never bothered him that I took inheritance of it and began to collect lumber [there.]