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September 2017 notes

bst "This morning as I walked to work I could see the things that could become projectiles," said Natalya Garus, 35, lead concierge at the National. "Street signs. Coconuts. All the trash cans. Smoking stations. All the decorations."
  - Washington Post, September 8


how movable does it need to be?

How about this: modular bedroom/study sort of thing. Forget about plumbing. Maybe graywater out, etc, but no toilet. Not meant to be whole house in tiny format.

Deschutes County statutes secondary structures


I wanted to go see Tori today. I was downtown in the afternoon, saturday, when she'd be likely there. But I didn't. I didn't have the courage, or something. I decided I'll have a chance tomorrow, and maybe feel better. I've been sad all day.

Lying in bed late this morning and again early afternoon, flies bedeviled me, walking into my nose and flapping off my ear canals, droves in the air. I drove some out in several slews, herding them with a t-shirt or a sheet, five or six at a time out the window. They seemed always to return in numbers, but after a few hours away it looks like I had some success ultimately. I did close the back window, the little window in the jacks.

I'm not depressed, I'm unhappy. I'm lonely and I don't know how to talk to the women I want to talk to.

I'm living in a trailer. I'm not paying rent. I don't have running water. The winter's coming.

I haven't been drinking.