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September 2017 notes

bst "This morning as I walked to work I could see the things that could become projectiles," said Natalya Garus, 35, lead concierge at the National. "Street signs. Coconuts. All the trash cans. Smoking stations. All the decorations."
  - Washington Post, September 8


how movable does it need to be?

How about this: modular bedroom/study sort of thing. Forget about plumbing. Maybe graywater out, etc, but no toilet. Not meant to be whole house in tiny format.

Deschutes County statutes
secondary structures
[on skids, 200sf or less OK without permit]

Lying in bed late this morning and again early afternoon, flies bedeviled me, walking into my nose and flapping off my ear canals, droves in the air. I drove some out in several slews, herding them with a t-shirt or a sheet, five or six at a time out the window. They seemed always to return in numbers, but after a few hours away it looks like I had some success ultimately. I did close the back window, the little window in the jacks.

I'm not depressed, I'm unhappy. I'm lonely and I don't know how to talk to the women I want to talk to.

I'm living in a trailer. I'm not paying rent. I don't have running water. The winter's coming.

I haven't been drinking.