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People foreign to the English language often say that they enjoy speaking with me because it's easy to understand what I'm saying.

By this, they are not complimenting my personal eloquence. American speech — ask around — is the easiest* English for any student's ear.

American English is an excellent form of the language. Stripped-down in many ways — you could find detractors for just this reason — and burned clean of extraneous fat. Light, powerful, it is disabused of the heaving meticulousnous of proper English English.

Refreshed, it is a modern idiom.

It is, I heard somebody say, like jazz. And it's true. I don't know about jazz particularly; but listen — it rings like music. That's especially true in comparison with British.

Compare it with British. I'm sorry to "dis" my mother tongue's mother tongue — and I recoil at the appearance of all prejudice. But just humor me.

Pick up an English newspaper. Try to read it. It will make you gag, with all that rocks-in-your mouth hurble-burble and verbal stumbling, the backstepping asswise extraneous effort it takes the Englishman to miss what he's trying not to say, or figure out how not to say it. It's horrifying.

What this English language needed was a freshening. In American, that's what we have.

It's a beautiful language.


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One must become skeptical encountering the opinion that a language is "easy" or "the easiest."

In the case of American English, for example, one must consider that the reason that many people internationally consider it to be the "most clear" and "easiest to understand" might be mostly because it is the form of English most-experienced in internationally-dispersed media.

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