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I was an immigrant

"Es muy temprano"

"Why are you here?"

The anachronometer

A.D. 2050 Gregorian —

Time travel is common — too common for some. But temporal immigration law is difficult because enforcement is problematic.

There is a whole new set of questions about "when are you from" — and never mind "how long are you planning to stay?" And the border is not static, so any official encounter is going to occur in the field, impromptu and at large.

The passport is easy — In 2089 you can begin to get any known document printed, easy. Beware of scammers — they're take your fingerprints away. Otherwise it's pretty simple.

And if you're a few decades out fashion-wise, that's no thing. We're all wearing items of clothing that we used to not be able to find anymore.

But the future is like another country, and it's important to remember that there are still going to be weirdos who don't want you there. It's not you, per se, but what you represent — you're "not from around here," and you might get blamed for other peoples' unhappiness. This will not have changed much at any time.