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Flyer advertising English lessons, Seville 2001

This anuncio is one that I made after I had lost my job at Restaurante Mex Rock in Seville and realized I'd have to make a serious effort to contact a few students of the English language.
More than a hundred people removed a tab, three called, and two became my alumnos.

I never felt great about it. They were both happy with the help that I gave them, but to me it felt like prostitution. I don't mean anything against prostitution — I just felt like I was getting paid for something that I was born with, not learned to do or developed — and therefore deserved to be paid for.

Anyhow, with only two students and little chance of other employment in the blazing Andalusian sun, it soon became clear that my Sevillian prospects were not good.

I moved out of my apartment and stayed for a while with an ex-housemate, where there was a young Irish man visiting. We were both poor; and having little else to do, we talked a lot. I soon figured out where I would go next.