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Ass-kicking goodness

Kilkenny Ireland, anno 2011 —
It's fun to be a little bit evil, sometimes, when you can back it up with some ass-kicking goodness.

I was down at Dunne's Stores and trying to have a superficial conversation with the woman on the other side of the counter, who said "I don't understand you."

I said something like "this is the English language."

She asked me "do you speak any other languages?" I told her that I speak a little bit of Romanian, a bit more of Dutch, and a little Spanish. Hablas Espanol?


Do You speak Spanish? No. What languages do you speak? English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Oh, you're from Ukraine? Yes.

After the transaction, I asked her how to say "thank you" in Ukrainian. I was lucky: it sounds quite like the Polish cognate.

I said "oh, that's really close to Polish." Yeah, it's really close to Polish, she said.

So I was lucky — I looked pretty smart.