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The Netherlands

Ending forced labor

I wanted to become a legal resident in The Netherlands.

Summer 2004 —

I was trying to figure out how to ask the Dutch government for a residence permit.

You have to specify one reason. There may be several, but they need it to be just one.

I had several options of differing applicability....

Reason Situation Prospects

• Domestic partnership

I loved Kim, and she loved me.

That's sweet, but she didn't earn enough money to support me.*

• Work

If I were working, I couldn't tell about it, so it's not a story. I do have a work contract. We are waiting for CWI, the government employment agency, to "help look" for a European who can do the job for which I have the contract. When — I mean if* my prospective employer doesn't find anybody, I can apply for residence permit on the basis of my job.

Prospects good.

Update: Unsuccessful.

• Independent businessperson (zelfstandig ondernemer)

The Dutch government has a "friendship agreement" with the American government, which facilitates residence for people who want to operate a business in the country.

Right or wrong aside, Americans have a unique opportunity to open business in Holland. You only need a relatively trifling amount of money, and your business must earn another rather trifling amount per month. You need a business plan. Then you can stay. Due warning [but if you don't know this then do not do business in Holland]: Nothing is that simple, in The Netherlands.

Well, my website gets visitors every day — but not that many. Other than that, I haven't a product or service.

• Asylum

I have a burning heart. I am a human being. Please don't send me back to the United States. They'll kill me back there, I swear they will. They will take my life, and call it something else.

My country is not yet recognized as being completely fascist and anti-humanist.

— 13 June, 2004

  Note: I left NL in January of 2005, when I moved [back] to Kilkenny Ireland.


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* A domestic partnership in the Netherlands seems to be as valid as a marriage for the purpose of legal residency for a non-Dutch partner — but it's not more so. Whether married or not, the Dutch citizen has to be able to support his or her non-Dutch partner.

(This was true in the Summer of 2004, when I was inquiring.)

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* The phrase "when — I mean if" is coy also because the Dutch word "als" means "when" and "if." Dutch people sometimes cross-position the English terms as though the difference were not noticeable.

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I was training for a position in a small organic bakery. We applied for and received a temporary work permit. However, the conditions attached were too restrictive, and too much of a risk for my employer. In September of 2004, he decided not to pursue the matter any further.

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