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"Shirts or shorts"


"Tirty-tree 'n' a toord" in Ireland

By the River Nore nearby Kilkenny In Irish English the soft "th" sound is pronounced as a hard "t."

I asked a couple of Irish people if they could hear a difference. To them it's the same sound.

I'd seen them down at the river and later in the pub we were talking about it.

Justin had caught a fish—one to keep, that is, and one that he had let go, too small. "One and a half." Molly had entangled her line, reeled in various oddments, and gotten a bubble bobber stuck high in a tree the other side of the river Nore.

At the pub, over the pool table, Molly said "I got three," heading up to the part about the detritus she'd reeled in.

"No," Justin said , you got a tree."

  —20 May 2002