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I feel like Kim is not as depressed as she thinks she is. I don't mean that I think she's exaggerating her condition. I just think a lot of her trouble is perceptual. I guess that could define a large part of depression, so maybe my "analysis" is not so useful. But — my point is — I see a more hopeful picture than K_ does.

She's doing well, under certain parameters. She really needs people right now, and needs not to be left alone. That doesn't mean she cannot be unattended, but she does seem to need a lot of emotional support right now. This isn't easy, but it's not that difficult either. I value K_, and I find it helpful to be near her. She doesn't understand that, but that's okay.

I got here on Easter Sunday. The day after is called "Tweede Paasdag," or the Second Day of Easter. I was walking through the special market that happens that day, and passed the bakery where I worked a bit when I was here before. I saw A_ was inside, so I went around back and went in to talk with him.

A_ talked with me about a new possibility, one that could lead to a legal-resident status for me.

— Spring 2004, Nijmegen the Netherlands