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December 2006 —

It's baffling, in an awkward way, the changes that have happened in the United States in the last few years.

I haven't been there* since the Spring of 2000. What I have is the news, and reports that I get from people. I don't know much, really, and really mostly only "what I read in the papers."

I've experienced — in spite of the fact that I am geographically removed from the place where I grew up, and have therefore a certain greater freedom to express my opinion — an absolute blank daft inability to write about ... .

About what?

Guantánamo Bay.

The Geneva Conventions.

The war — that's easy. Wrong. I have written that, to my (only) credit.



My god. Torture.

And can a non-welfare state really devolve — can the United States really be taking less care of its poor than it was before I left?


* I visited the United States for the month of March, 2007.


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