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The Bayeaux Tapestry, an embroidery

...and "I don't understand computers"

The Bayeux "Tapestry" is a 70-meter long, 50-cm tall embroidery depicting the Norman version of the 1066 Norman conquest of England.
A friend of mine in Kilkenny Ireland visited and was in my room for the first time, year 2003.

I was trying to show him an article on the internet — a phenomenon with which he was not familiar. He couldn't even see what I was trying to show him. He didn't "know about computers."

This kind of aversion is tricky. I didn't want to complicate his worries about the technology, so I dropped the subject. If I show him something that he doesn't understand or that doesn't interest him, it becomes more daunting, more tedious — more aversive.

Later, while standing around talking, he mentioned William the Conqueror. I pulled up Google and entered that phrase.

He was impressed. He mentioned it later in the pub.

Later still — several years later — Mick discovered the value of studying racing form online, and he was off and became entirely comfortable with the internet and the use of a computer.