Damned if and when

Tough hate

Beware of Doug

One time when I was a kid I went to a friend's house but he wasn't feeling well, and I hung out with his brother. Brett was the same age as my brother Doug. Brett showed me his G.I. Joe set, including the prized kung-fu grip version. It was a good evening. I remember wishing that Brett was my brother, instead of Doug.

I felt guilty about that feeling - but later in life, I know better.

Me: "Well, you did turn against me in 1997 when I came back from Seattle."
Doug: "Yeah, that's because Mom and Dad had to lock their bedroom door at night, afraid of what you might do."
Me: "Mom, do you remember that?"
Doug: "Don't get her involved."

It was always Doug. Doug was the one who turned the family against me, all throughout the years.

Doug has a fictional grievances about me that are decades old (and/or he invents it in the moment.) Most of it is petty, but all of it is untrue and implausible.