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One time in Ireland I had a disability bus pass that somebody had given to me.

Actually, it's a little bit of a longer story.

"Dustin" had loaned me a pass for the purpose of a trip to Dublin in 2006 and I got it taken from me.

The lady at the train station told me that Dustin was in a lot of trouble, but he wasn't. He ordered a replacement, and received it.

And then he moved house, misplacing the replacement between some documents and books, as it turned out a few months later. Those months later, he had to request another replacement — and then he had two travel passes. He gave one of them to me.

I held it for a couple of years, afraid to use it. When I moved to Cork and I needed to make some trips back to Kilkenny, I decided to go ahead. On the third attempt, I got caught and put off the bus in Ninemilehouse, County Kilkenny.