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The CCTV cameras in the neighborhood

Kilkenny, Ireland —

Thursday 21 February 11:45 I heard clink, and a crash of glass.

I looked out the window, saw two lads dressed in the Christian Brothers Middle School uniform. I recognized one of them. I told them to go away. After a while, I remembered that all of this would have been captured on the CCTV that the city installed a few months ago.

The security cameras didn't work.

__   ___   __

The Market Cross Shopping Centre security team has a screen in their office that is dedicated to the three views of the security cameras attached to the rear corner of the complex, just below my bedroom window.

One of the security guards at Market Cross assured me that the cameras were in fact operational, but simply out of working order at the time.

These cameras belong to the "Corporation," or city government. Kieran Fitzgerald is the city's chief engineer — probably the man upon whose desk stops this buck.

__   ___   __

26 February the assistant manager of Market Cross told me that the cameras are working again. A security guard told me that this was true. When I talked with Paddy Ryan, the manager, he told me the same.

__   ___   __

The camera down at the corner of the building on the exit of the laneway onto James' Street belongs to Superquinn.

It was pushed face-against-the-wall, as of 28 February 2008, when the chief of Security at Superquinn assured me he'd try to get it repositioned. He didn't have a ladder. He assured me that I wouldn't be in trouble if I did it myself, although for insurance purposes he couldn't encourage me to do so.

I don't have a ladder either, but I'll get one if he doesn't fix the problem. He seemed like he wanted to help. He said that the camera does work.

This camera looks directly down into the laneway, the stretch of space between the medieval city wall and Market Cross itself, at the back of which is Superquinn, a supermarket.