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"My first book"

Why not today?

These six pages constitute the only attempt I've ever made at writing a linear narrative on the web.

Timewise, this story begins on last Thursday, July 29, 2004. The date of this beginning is semi-arbitrary. That was when I got the idea: why not today?

It had been like this: What do I want to write about? Reality. I want to write about what it's really like. Impressionistically, okay. But real. Where do I begin—"where," (in English) meaning of course "at what point in time?"

I was born on March 1, 1964, in Bellevue, Washington state.

I'm living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

It's Saturday, July 31.

On Thursday, I went out to see Kim. I was going to help her unpack some of her things, before she went to work at noon. We didn't get anything done. We both felt bad. We just spent the time together.

She said two things that I remember well. She said "I want to matter." She also told me that she doesn't know why other people want to live. She asked me "do you?"

Newspapers report that Pakistanis have captured Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, a suspected and—if guilty—an important Al-Quaeda operative. Ghailani is Tanzanian. He was indicted in the States in 1998 for his alleged role in the twin bombings of American embassies in Kenya that year.

Chapter 2