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Strictly Organic

1 April 2014 —

Today Christina bumped into me. It was conspicuous, and if not intentional not apologetic.

She and Cindy had their backs to each other and I had to pass between a narrow space toward the front of the house from the kitchen. I'm pretty sure I called my position, but certain that she knew of it. And she knows how to move in a cafe. She's good at it, and a competent barista.

I excused myself, pro forma, just as a matter of being polite, of course. She did not. She was on the other side of Cindy by then, and not looking at me; and I had some business to take care of with displayed goods.

Christina bumped into me, glanced off of me, with her whole body. I felt many points of contact. She did not slow down. She didn't decelerate. She wanted to bump against me.

I want to ask her something, but I'm afraid.