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Coffeeshop The Noon, Amsterdam

I will often find my favorite places in a town soon after I arrive, and "Coffeeshop The Noon" in Amsterdam was no exception.

I lived in Amsterdam from May until December of 2000. A "coffeeshop," in the Netherlands, is a place that sells cannabis.

Coffeeshop The Noon was not a favorite place in the sense that it was extraordinarily comfortable, nor that I spent much time there. Occasionally, it was quite nice. It just stayed a constant theme, and good things happened for me there. I found my apartment when I was in there. I met my best Amsterdam friend there — the first time there, in fact. Another of my friends, whom I met as a flatmate, was a friend of the business.

The Noon is a small establishment. At the time, it had a couple of tall tables, a low table at a padded bench, and a kitchen-style four-seater at the front of the shop. The counter across the back seated three on stools beside the cash register and the passage to the small service area.

The house music at the time, it seemed, was "The Marshall Mathers LP."

The menu was never an issue for me at The Noon, because the chalkboard at the back advertized such an excellent deal. For 50 guilders, equivalent to $20, five grams of the house weed. Usually, the one or two selections included one that they called "blueberry" — I pretty much stuck to that for all of my smoking.

The drink was always one of several herb teas — or "infusions," as they're called in European English.

Interestingly enough, the "blueberry," my stock purchase of weed, won the Cannabis Cup that year.

  • Coffeeshop The Noon, Zieseniskade 22. Between the Rijksmuseum and Leidseplein.

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