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Complaining about work

"Cheer up man! From your attitude I don't think I'd like you working for me in a kitchen or not! Get a grip.........."

— From my guestbook.

Its true, I complain a lot about work. It's inexcusable, really.

If I sound like I'm just whining too much, skip that part. I feel sorry for myself, sometimes. I don't always edit that out of my pages. I know it's not attractive.

But I do want to write about what it's like to work.

Sometimes, leaving a job gives me a burst of inspiration, and it comes along with a sense of "now it can be told," which is a tricky impulse to follow.

Sometimes, I've written a bad word about my experiences. I'm just being honest, though I might check myself. But it's a tough industry, and those who love it have something special that I do not have. I can't always filter out my distaste. I have more to do....

Like get a real job....

But what I want to do is write more pages and work on my website.

It doesn't earn money.

Thus goes the eternal conflict between what I do and don't want — and I mean work.

— 13 October 2004, Nijmegen The Netherlands