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The Irish don't know how to complain

I wanted to complain to the Irish communications regulator

Here's irony:

I wanted to talk with somebody at the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) after I'd visited the Kilkenny office of the Citizens' Information Board and the lady there had pointed me toward the appropriate government body.

Many goods and services in Ireland are mere facsimile....

I wanted to make a complaint about the generally shameful treatment of customers in the "mobile-broadband" sector.

I felt that these companies, which in February of 2011 were still offering only sharply-limited bandwidth allowances, were deliberately abusing their customers' inability to understand how expensive the "out-of-bundle" charges would be, and that they did not allow proper access to that information.

The average punter could not possibly understand the terms of contract until too late.

After the customer surpassed the minuscule data allocation of 15 GB (which I was, as usual, the "first one to complain about,") the charge for any further use ranged between two and five cents per megabyte. That sounds reasonable to most people, because it's a trick. "Cents" doesn't sound like much, and "mega" sounds like a lot.

I wanted to give ComReg my opinion about this, and about (in some cases) the near-inaccessibility of information about the growing expense that one is incurring just by using the internet.

I wanted to.

The telephone coverage that day was too poor to enable a conversation.