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One year in Cork, Ireland

An American from Kilkenny

I lived in Cork City, Ireland for one year, from August of 2009 until August of 2010.

I stayed at Sheila's Hostel for several weeks, and from there got a room at Mountview Terrace on Ballyhooly Road near Saint Luke's Cross, northside.

One day in November I was out for a walk and stopped at the Natural Foods Bakery at Pier Head, Blackrock Village. It's a few miles east, where Blackrock Road connects with "The Marina."

Soon, by happenstance, I found a nearby bedsit (studio apartment.) I lived there until well after the bakery had closed and I couldn't make rent, because the house went into "accountancy," which for me meant that nobody was accounting for the fact that I'd stopped paying.

In the autumn of 2010, I moved back to Kilkenny until I had to leave the country in May of 2011.