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Dacia, quintessential Romanian car

"Nu e masina, e Dacia."
  — "It's not an automobile, it's a Dacia."

Nobody makes cars like that anymore -- although the company, in its guise, is extant. (Bought by the French auto-maker Renault, it's current incarnation is the Logan, a thouroughly modern car [and in the modern way, indistinguishable from any other.])

Dacia was a simple car, and still is, as it drives the roads throughout the country in large numbers. Most of them look exactly the same, from model to model, and there seems to have been little thought of esthetic remakes.

A simple car, indeed. They say you can repair any defect with a hammer and a screwdriver.

The government is trying to get the old machines off the road, offering financial incentives in an effort to get people to replace them with something newer and safer.

The Dacia is named after the people who lived in the region before the Romans took it. It is, in its way, emblematic of Romania, and especially of the communistic regime of Nicolae Ceausescu.

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