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Up until the Irish dawn chorus drinking at somebody's gaf

Republic of Ireland, about 2003, just before sunrise —

In July of 2008, the government banned "off-licence" sales after 10 P.M. — no alcohol take-away after that hour.

There seems to be an almost mystical understanding amongst friends in Kilkenny that 4:30 in the morning is the normal time to go home.

It's not that nobody goes home earlier — for God's sake, nobody can go mad all the time — and it's not that nobody goes home later, because you hear about folks who see the sun come up.

But, with uncanny regularity, the good times last until 4:30 in the morning. At about that time, somebody will start to wonder what time it is — or just as spontaneously, simply decide that it's time to go. Usually — and for as little reason — this will start an exodus. It's just time to go. Nobody knows why.

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The "dawn chorus" is a broadly-distributed early-morning chatter of songbirds beginning well before sunrise and lasting until the bright of day.