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Diesel in the hashish

Republic of Ireland —

There's a myth, a rumor, an urban legend, around here, that the hashish we sometimes encounter has a percentage of diesel in it.

Why diesel and not crude oil, or some other fossil-fuel product, I don't know. It's a rumor. [Rumour, in local spelling.]

The funny thing is — which isn't very funny — that when you think of that rumor and consider some of the features of some of this lesser-quality smoke, you may begin to wonder....

Petroleum. It burns with a curious avidity, this bit of substance which is too stiff to be pure marijuana resin.

The smell... the flavor (flavour...)

And you may begin to find yourself getting flashes back to the old days, back in America, where the gas-station attendant offered real automotive services — and swiped your father's credit card with a physical mechanism that imprinted raised-text information onto carbon-copy paper.

And the smell of petroleum....

"Wait a minute. Why am I thinking about petroleum?" ...