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I went on "holiday" (vacation) from Kilkenny Ireland in June of 2003, a holiday that was to be an important turning point in my experience in the European Union.

Thursday 19 June


Friday 20 June


Saturday 21 June


Talked with Barclay Vincent, in hostel at Tralee, and off the bus in Dingle.

Went out alone. I'd talked with some American girls, and we'd agreed we'd go out for a pint. Later, around ten or so, they seemed not to be stirring, sitting reading quietly. No apparent response er something, so I went out alone. Turns out that later one of them puked on somebody who was out with them.

It was crowded, as Saturday night seems to be anywhere in Ireland. Gruff, I went around town looking simply for a place to have a pint.

Talked with Eileen from Springfield, Massechussetts.

Sunday 22 June

Tried to hitch to Dunquin

Met Kim

Went to Foxy John's. Met Dave, and we went to the harbor.

Monday, 23 June

Met Kim again at the breakfast table. We went to Blasket.