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A disability travel-pass that wasn't mine

Republic of Ireland, 2006 —

A guy I used to know loaned me his disability travel pass for a trip that I was making from Kilkenny to Dublin to meet a girl I knew, who was flying in from The Netherlands.

At the ticket office at the train station, I didn't like the look of the lady behind the glass, and should have paid cash. I didn't, and she asked me to replicate the signature. I couldn't, of course, and she confiscated the document.

The train was slow leaving the station. I couldn't deboard, because K_ was depending on me.

Nothing happened, and I got to Dublin without any further problems.

J_ never got into any trouble. He got his disability pass replaced. Then he moved house. He couldn't find his disability pass, and got it replaced again. Importantly, he had misplaced it in a stack of books and papers before he had had a chance to put his signature on it.

He said if I wanted it, I could sign his name on it, and then be able to use it without worries.

I was skeptical, but it was an opportunity, and this was Ireland.... Authority is different in Ireland.

I only used the pass three times, and on the third trip I was caught, ejected from the bus, and of course I lost the document.