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"Elevatorgate," a bullshit scandal

Doctrinaire feminism

I know that there's a lot of dumb anti-woman sentiment, and I hate it. But I also hate the facile use of the label "misogynist."

It's an aggressive and hateful term, and I think it's often used as a tool for censorship. It will make some people think twice about expressing an honest opinion about male-female relationships. I think some people use it in a way that's dirty.

It would be more honest to say what one does not like about the opinion in question.

There's some awful vitriol directed at men who dare to challenge some extremely narrow and doctrinaire version of feminism. The word "misogyny" comes into play, without fail, and is used to hurt and intimidate, and often in response to an opiniion that wouldn't be offensive to any sensible person.