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Por arte

Chapter 2

"Don't be silly"

Nijmegen, the Netherlands, August 2004 —

"Chapter 3" of a 6-page series that I wrote in the summer of 2004 in Nijmegen.

Chapter 4

On Friday, Kim called me three times; I'd been thinking about her every time, at the moment, and told her so. She was going swimming. I told her I'd call her after work.

When I had finished, my boss was on the 'phone with Nuon, the utilities company — and God knows, that could take some time. So I bravely went to the 'phone booth, and was fortunate that it worked.

Kim figured out I was feeding coin, and said she'd call me back.

"Hey, Kim! I was just thinking about you."

"Don't be silly."

She said maybe I'll see you tonight, and I said yeah, maybe so.

Then she didn't call me. I found that disturbing, and I couldn't sleep.

I didn't do a good job at work. I forgot to put the yeast in the tomato bread. I threw it all back in the bowl — 48 1/2-kilo loaves — and mixed in yeast. But it was crap. I should have started over, really.


"Iraq, Saddam, find out, get back to me." — Richard Clark on G.W. Bush.


I didn't see Kim until Sunday evening, when she came to visit me.