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Tried to hide weed

Don't try this at home

Amsterdam, 2000 —

First, it's got to be okay. Open, if possible. Discreet, but not hidden.

I like to smoke weed sometimes, yes. Other times I just do it. It's dangerous that way. I can handle it; that's my business.

My personal matters aside, (I smoke less here than in the states,) Dutch law tolerates the use of cannabis. Whether or not to use it — or whether to use it responsibly — is an individual's decision.

This is not the case in America — nor mostly anywhere else. I'm not saying "check your local laws," because I don't recommend weed. Weed is not safe; it's potentially dangerous.

The greatest danger in most places could be that of getting caught. Whether jail, or fines, or both — or a heap of shame; or all three, an innocent person can get in trouble for a bag of weed.

In Holland, where cannabis is tolerated, an innocent civilian truly feels innocent. It is a simple but remarkable pleasure to be carrying, or sitting at a coffeeshop's patio, for that matter, when the cops pass by, going about their business.

It's a relief and a pleasure to know that they don't care.

— 31 October, 2000