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Drought in The Netherlands

There's been a drought in The Netherlands lately, late Summer 2003.

The day before yesterday, it rained all night and most of that day. The grass in the park had been almost all crisp yellow-brown, and dusty in spots. By late in the day yesterday, it had greened up some.

The government, a week ago, had revealed a contingency plan in case the drought continued for ten days from that time. I don't know where their plan sits now, how much that rain helped—it didn't hurt—and, in fact, I know little else about the story. I was trying to read about it in Dutch.

They were proposing to restrict electricity, for one thing, but that confuses me. Well, that's how my Dutch girlfriend interpreted that part; stroom means "stream," but also "electricity-flow." The reason it confuses me is that I don't know in what way Holland could get its electricity from water. It's called Nederland for a reason; it's pretty flat. So electricity can't come from water; not with current technology, within The Netherlands. Oh well; I don't understand.

— August 30, 2003