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Didn't learn how to smoke in Amsterdam

The drugsbeleid,* in Holland, is not as important to me as one might think.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. The weed we had there, when I left, was comparable to anything in Amsterdam. (You'd find more variety in Amsterdam, though.)

If you've never smoked really good weed, then Dutch weed can easily overwhelm you. If you're not careful, of course, it could anyway. But that's normal.

My point is, I didn't discover good weed in Amsterdam. I've smoked it before. I'm not saying this as a matter of pride, but only to say — as a matter of pride — that the best weed in Holland is comparable to the best weed from where I come from. Dig?

Never mind.

— adapted from a page I wrote in Nijmegen, July 2004


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* beleid = policy

The Dutch have a policy of explicit toleration for a small personal amount of cannabis — five grams, to be specific. It is not legal, but it is "not illegal." It is "gedoogd." It is tolerated.

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