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A dry history of Ireland

The story of a bunch of aristocratic bastards. Of course it's going to be dry. You wouldn't read anything human about such sons-of-bitches unless it was truly scandalous.

Add to that the fact that outside of the truly-talented few, Irish writers are infected by that same problem that inflicts Irish history — English influence.

Regardless of the fact that they spawned a truly global tongue, the English cannot write in the language named after them. The mouthful of garble, gravel, marbles, cheeks full of stone and cotton wads — all executed with attention to the extreme contortions necessary to avoid saying anything explicit or distinct....

The English ear is deaf to the rhythmic possibilities of the potentially beautiful tongue over which they seem to hold such a proprietary interest....

"Normal" Irish writers — in other words, academics and journalists — emulate the English in this way.