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The Netherlands

Dutch food

• Tosti
This is a grilled-or-toasted cheese sandwich, with or without a wafer-thin slice of ham.

• Stampot
Ingredients vary, but the basic form is potatoes and vegetables. Boerenkool a frilly leafy cabbage, does nicely. The ingredients and method of preparation are subservient to the main principle, which consists of mashing everything together.

• Kaas — Cheese.
Some regional varieties are famous. But normal Dutch cheese is excellent. It comes in five degrees of age — jong, jong belegen, belegen, extra belegen, en oud.

• Pommes frites — French fries.
Often served in a puntzak, or paper cone. "Fritjes met" means "Fries [in the diminutive form of the word] with" With mayonaise, that is.

• Automaat
Cheese Soufle, fried sausage, etc. — Dutch fast-food.
May be selected from one of the little glass-front doors after paying with coin, or ordered at the counter.

• Young herring
Held by the tail and eaten head-first.

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