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EasyEverything, Amsterdam

EasyEverything opened a shop in Amsterdam while I was there, in the year 2000.

EasyEverything is a cybercafé—nominally. Sure they serve coffee, and not a bad cup. But this is not a café. It is a huge facility for internet access. The place has more than 600 computer terminals.

I started going there because it was very affordable. This was particularly true when they had just opened and wanted to get people in the door. The system of payment is quite ingenious, really. One buys a ticket that has a login number on it. The rate of charge upon this ticket is variable, based upon the percentage of computers in use. At the time, the minimum ticket fee was 2.50 Guilders, about a dollar US. At the busiest times, this would last 30 minutes. At slower times, it may last 40 minutes, an hour—or even five hours, in the dead of the night. The place is open 24 hours.

I learned a lot of what little I know about writing web-pages at EasyEverything, buying big tickets, sometimes logging in early mornings and working at that rate of payment until noon or later before going out for a meal or a coffee.

EasyEverything Amsterdam is big, and it can be busy—and loud. The chairs have metal legs that angle out and make an awful target for stumbling upon. People do stumble on them, and they make a terrible racket clattering around, if nobody's sitting on them to hold them down. The lighting is fluorescent. It's not an attractive place. But for the price, it was definitely what I needed.

EasyEverything was just off Rembrandtplein, at Reguliersbreestraat 22.

— I lived in Amsterdam from May until December of 2000. A brief search online in 2010 appears to show that EasyEverything is no longer in the city.