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European English

English, the second language for most Europeans, is slightly different from American.

Many people use the term "British English," but the language does not belong to the British anymore.

("American" here means "of the United States" — with apologies to the whole of the rest of the Americas for this use of the simpler term.)

European vocabulary

Some words are just as different between European and American English as between different languages....

European spelling

A few variations between British and American...

Important differences

Most of the variations in trans-Atlantic vocabulary are curios, oddities that may be generally ignored. But some are important....

Irish English

A modification...

"How typically American that you have the gall to refer to English as 'European English,' and your own bastardised version as 'US English.' It is simply English. The official and correct English of the British Isle is commonly referred to as 'the Queens English.'"

— "English Teacher," from the erstwhile guestbook.