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My one evening in a Freshford [Ireland] chipper

Justin called about me working with Moira. So I did that, from four to ten. Cleared 50 euro after taxi. The matter of transport is the main challenge of that job. I talked with Moira about St. Paddy's Day weekend and Kim coming. That's no problem. I'm glad I had sent text to Kim about that, otherwise I'd not have sorted anything for March in advance. Wouldna even had the cheek for it, had I not suggested it to Kim and had that sense of commitment.

Freshford. Next weekend a bunch of lads are going over to Liverpool for a soccer match, and it's likely to be slow at the chipper. That's how small Freshford is. A busload, many of the regular customers.

It was during my one evening at the Freshford chip-shop that I was ever harrassed about being an American. A young drunken muck-savage culchie fuck repeatedly called me "George Bush" while I was doing my confounded, poorly-instructed best. I was fortunate that Moira's father happened to be there, and gently suggested that the young lad take it easy.