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Good Dutch words

Some good Romanian words

Adica — "That is to say (in other words)..."

Deloc — "Not one bit..."

Fior — a momentary sensation like arousal or spooky fear, hair standing up on your skin.

Nonstop — "Always open." Borrowed, of course, from English. The Romanians know how to use this word properly — at shops, casinos, and bars.

Peste — "More than _," or "beyond, on the other side of_"

Portocale — Oranges

Poveştim — "We're talking / telling stories." One response to "ce faci," the strange normal greeting question between friends that means both "how's it going" and "what are you doing."

Trandifuri — Roses. I like this because it has the earthy, not-all-beautiful beauty of the rose itself.

Treaba — Literally "work," this can also be used to say "[I have] treaba," or "(I have) something to do." Everybody will understand, and it's harder to question than the English-language version.

Şmecher — clever, in a devious way.