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This is a page in development, created on 19 March 2011 and most-recently changed on 19 March 2011.

I was thinking the other day about "guilty pet peeves," the ones that piss me off when I'm off-guard, but that I never feel good about feeling.

One is the habit of some people to move (or not) in public without any apparent awareness of space. It's a set of behaviors that are highly dependent upon culture — and, for example, Irish women are the worst I've seen, especially middle-aged and older — although the younger ones compete well if they have a baby in a pram. Okay, that one just pisses me off, period — would you not watch where you're pushing the kid?

Another example of a guilty pet-peeve is the anger that I often feel when I watch people drive who just clearly have no idea how to do so. This is pure guilty anger, because I'm not even on the road — so I should not care, logically-speaking. But I do. When I see somebody mincingly turning the steering wheel ever-so-slightly when they should just turn the fucking thing the full extent and then accelerate ever-so-slightly... god help me, I get pissed off.