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... Then why does nobody ever shoot a shooter?

United States, A.D. 2011 —

Many people in America own guns because they believe that it makes them safer — and everybody buys more weapons every time there's a spray of bullets into a crowd of people... but why does no civilian ever shoot a mass-murdering lunatic?

And I've heard it before: guns don't kill people....
  "The only thing that could have prevented this would have been some law-abiding citizen toting a concealed weapon...."

The only problem with the argument is that there's no evidence for it.

There are no stories in modern American history of an an armed civilian dropping a crazed shooter.

If there is even one example of such an event, it would take an effort of heroic cherry-picking to find it.

Conversely, the evidence for the alternate story — deranged murderer shoots at will, nobody does anything — is rife throughout the news, to a degree that we don't even need journalists anymore for the reportage. Fill in the names and numbers, this is standard fare.