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Contemporary reports of Jesus don't exist

Note: I wrote the following as an email to the author of the website "
God and Science-dot-org" — 30 September 2005

You write that "(Jesus) is mentioned by many contemporary, non-Christian historians." But as far as I know, this is perfectly untrue, and in fact nobody wrote about Jesus during the years assigned to his life. [Flavius] Josephus, the most popular source, was not born until AD 37; so no matter the fidelity or corruption of his works he did not have that vital first-hand contact with any Jesus [of Nazareth, reputed Son of God.]

For me, the question of the historicity of Jesus is one of the most intriguing facets of any science-vs-Bible debate. (You will please notice that I do not say "science-vs-God." That is a false dialectic.)

Scientifically speaking, there is simply very little evidence for the existence of Jesus. To put it bluntly, there are probably other, simpler explanations for the legacy that has come forward through the millenia.

In any case — opinion aside — I am pretty certain that nobody wrote about Jesus while he was alive.

Thank you,

Steven Edwards