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A mysterious hole in my bedroom wall

November 2008 Kilkenny Ireland —

I drank 8 beers last evening and I smoked a bit of something called "Smoke." It's a marijuana substitute, available here in Ireland.

I do not remember when I went to bed. The last modifications I made on any of my computer's files were just after ten o'clock. I fell asleep with my clothes on. I'd set the alarm on my telephone. I awoke this morning at 8 o'clock to the sound of the alarm.

There was a hole in the wall about an arm's length from where I'd been sleeping.

It looked as if it had been hit with something heavy. The drywall was caved in the size of an oval dinner-plate around a smaller impact area.

__ ___ __

The two mysteries are these:

1.) I can not remember anything.

2.) I cannot find the object that made the impact.


I wasn't angry.

__ ___ __

I told G_ about it, at work, and he offered some possible explanations which didn't explain it either.

When I got home, I looked more carefully at the damage.

There was evidence of an edge, alright, as I'd thought — the edge of an object, I mean. This time, I also found an edge having hit at the rim of the collapse, on the sound drywall itself. It was the mark of a dull edge, but certainly evidence of a fabricated object.

There was, in fact, an arc — to my surprise. A slight pure-circular curvature impression traced between the two stonger indents.

It looked a bit like the top of a mug.

There's no mug or other similar-shape candidate here in the room, on the floor or anywhere it could have landed after impact.

There's no stain on the white-painted wall. That doesn't rule out a mug, but it advocates against one. Tea would have had to have dried, in the middle of November.

I leave the teabag in.


I attached clingfilm to the wall so that I could make a trace of the partial circle with a whiteboard marker. It was a rough measurement, but produced a sample from which I felt I could extrapolate a good approximation of the diameter of the object that had hit the wall.

It had been about 10 cm diameter.


It was bigger than a mug. It was not as large as a bowl. .

I only say "was" because the object is not here. I suppose I should say "is," because it is not here, destroyed.


* Ingredients of "Smoke," according to an online forum:
Verbascum genus (carrier herba)
Aesculus genus (Escin and Esculin free)
Salvia genus (sclarea)
Cinnamomum genus (leaf only, no bark)
An endogenous primary amide