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The Kilkenny rubbish/recycling program is too complicated

A large minority — if not a majority — of my neighbors are unaware of (or unconcerned about) how to dispose of household waste.

A thin majority of them probably know that there is a system which alternates weekly between disposal and recycling, a system for which there are corresponding bags to be purchased in local shops. Of those who are aware of such a system, some are clearly unaware of either: 1) which day collection takes place, or 2) which collection it is on a given week.

The system is not practical, and grousing about foreigners will not fix the matter. I would challenge anybody to explain the function of rubbish and recycling disposal in a way that is easy for a newcomer to understand — then to translate that into several Eastern European and African languages.

It's too complicated, and it does not work. I feel like a law-abiding fool paying money to get rid of household waste, when many if not most of my neighbors find it easier to chuck out black sacks.
— Kilkenny Ireland, 25 July 2007